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Post Event Report Form

  1. Event Funding Information
  2. Event Attendance Information
  3. Nights
    If this event has been funded by hotel occupancy tax in the last 3 years, how many room nights were generated at Angleton hotels by attendees of this event or project?
  4. Was a room block established for this event at an area hotel(s), and if so, did the room block fill?
  5. Event Promotion Information
    Please check all efforts your organization actually used to promote this event and how much was spent in each category.
  6. Did you include a link to the City of Angleton website or other source on your promotional handouts and in your website for booking hotel nights during this event?
  7. Did you negotiate a special rate or hotel / event package to attract overnight stays?
  8. Attachments
    Please attach samples of documents showing how the City of Angleton was recognized in your advertising / promotional campaign.
  9. Samples
    Please attach at least 1 sample of all forms of advertising / promotion used in your campaign. If the sample itself does not indicate the medium (radio, TV, print or mail) used or where the advertising took place (e.g. a city's newspaper or radio spot that does not indicate the city where the spot was played), please include other information that would show the location of the advertising and medium utilized.
  10. Sporting Related Events
  11. Additional Event Information
  12. Submittal Instructions
    Please submit no later than 45 days after the date of your event to: Martha Eighme, Director of Communications and Marketing at the City of Angleton, 121 S. Velasco, Angleton, TX 77515 or email
  13. Leave This Blank: