Public Works Projects

Brazoria County Courthouse Expansion Utility Improvements

Brazoria County Courthouse Expansion Utility Improvements

This project generally consists of the installation of approximately 2,400 L.F. of 8" water line, 1,000 L.F. of 12" sanitary sewer, 2400 L.F. of 8" pipe bursting, 1100 S.Y. of 7" thick concrete pavement, 450 L.F. of 12" PVC storm sewer and inlets, replacing driveways, curb, sidewalk, and associated water and sanitary sewer service connections.

Cost of Project: $1,258,432.60

Engineer: HDR Inc.

Funding: Brazoria County

Contractor: Matula and Matula Construction, Inc.

Previous Update: Manholes were coated. All major construction items have been completed. Walkthrough was scheduled for June 6th.  

Current Update: Punchlist items are being completed. This project will close out in July once all these items have been verified.   

Street Bond Package ll

Street Bond Package II Chevy Chase and San Felipe

This project is to replace the roadways on Chevy Chase and San Felipe. This will include the block from Tinsley to Downing on both roadways. There will also be a water line replacement on Chevy Chase and drainage improvements to both streets.

Cost of Project: $1,519,185.90

Engineer: HDR Inc.

Funding: 2021 Street Bond

Contractor: Matula and Matula

Previous Update: Northbound lane of San Felipe has been poured. The water line on Chevy Chase has been installed. The northbound lane of Chevy Chase will be demoed.

Current Update: Final sections of roadway and driveways have been poured on San Felipe. The final tie-in of the water line being competed on Chevy Chase, TS&V being utilized.  

Freedom Park Water Well

Freedom Park Water Well

This project will install an arsenic removal treatment system at the water well. This will allow the use of the water well after stripping all arsenic.

Cost of Project: $1,117,000.00

Contractor: Sustanite 

Project Timeline: Pre-con meeting held on May 26th, 2022. This will also serve as the NTP date. Four hundred twenty days to substantial completion, with 450 days for completion.

Funding: 129-2019 bond series

Engineer: Freese and Nichols Inc.

Previous Update: The skid system was tested via a start-up with staff and AdEdge reps. Canopy installed. Now cleanup can begin, and a walkthrough will be scheduled.

Current Update: Walkthrough completed. Punchlist items were minimal, and once verified complete, this project can be closed out in July.