Neighborhood Crime Watch

Program Overview

The Neighborhood Watch Program is a nationwide program that helps deter crime within neighborhoods. The program is formed by the residents of a neighborhood with help from the local police department. The Angleton Police Department will initiate the program by holding a neighborhood meeting with interested residents.

Watch Commander

The residents will choose a Watch Commander who will oversee getting names, phone numbers, and other information from those who are interested in participating. Generally, a list is made up of who belongs at what house, what vehicles should be parked where, when someone is usually at a residence and other information about neighboring houses. The participants are then given a copy of the list and use it to keep an eye on the neighborhood, reporting suspicious activity. This is a huge help to the local police, as the more eyes we have watching out for criminal activity, the safer we make our community.

Contact Information

Residents are at no time encouraged to confront suspected criminal activity. It is best to contact the police department and report suspicious activity. If you are interested in starting a program in your neighborhood, please contact Officer Vandergrifft 979-849-2383 x 3131