The development process can seem overwhelming because many activities can occur simultaneously. We value your time and want to ensure that the entire process will be as smooth as possible.  The Administrative Development Process Manual (Manual or ADPM) has been prepared to provide vital information regarding the City's permit processes and will be an easy-to-follow guide. It contains policies and procedures related to the development of land and construction permitting. 

The ADPM incorporates the recommendations of the Comprehensive Plan (adopted in 2003 and updated in 2007) and the requirements of the Zoning Code adopted in 2009, and the Land Development Code (LDC), approved on January 12, 2018. Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy and completeness throughout the document.

Depending on the type of development, one or more sections of the ADPM may be applicable. For each type of application, an introduction to the process, a flowchart of the process, a checklist, and other pertinent information has been included. We anticipate that this Manual will help you better communicate with the City staff, avoid unnecessary delays, and give staff an opportunity to work with you in an effective and efficient manner.


This Manual should not be used as a supplement or to circumvent any state laws or local ordinances. The Manual is not intended to take the place of any ordinance. If there are any further questions about the City of Angleton’s development process, please feel free to contact the Development Services Department.

Development Process Flow1

Pre-Application Conferences (D.A.W.G. Meeting)   

a. Purpose
Pre-application Conferences are meetings between a potential applicant(s) and the Developing Angleton Working Group (DAWG). DAWG is a group of City staff representing City departments having an interest or statutory role in the development process or the development of property within the City of Angleton and Angleton’s Extraterritorial Jurisdiction. These meetings will provide an opportunity to identify issues associated with the proposed development; determine required applications, permits and approvals; and discuss potential timelines and processing sequence. The staff will help applicants understand the City’s applicable regulations and fees. Completion of a Pre-application Conference does not imply or indicate subsequent City approval of the permit or application, or provide vested rights.

b. Scheduling
DAWG meetings are held every Wednesday from 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm. DAWG is scheduled
by appointment only. Appointments are one (1) hour at 1:30 pm, 2:30 pm or 3:30 pm.

A Pre-application Conference is required for all applications as per LDC Section 23-77.

Application for Zoning Verification

 The Development Services Department provides three different types of zoning verification letters:

  1. Variance History
  2. Nonconforming Use History
  3. Zoning
  •  A “Zoning” letter will verify the current zoning of a property and may also indicate if a specified use is permitted in the applicable zoning district.
  •  A “Variance” letter will verify if any variances have been approved by the Board of Adjustment for the subject property.
  •  A “Nonconforming Use” letter will verify if a nonconforming use has been identified on the subject property or other nonconforming use related information.

 To obtain a "Zoning" verification letter, please complete the attached application, attach a map that clearly illustrates the property boundaries. If the area of the request cannot be clearly defined by legal subdivision name, lot, and block, please furnish a survey that delineates the property boundaries with a general location description. Please also provide the property’s physical address if one exists and the Brazoria County Tax Parcel Identification Number.

 At this time there is no fee associated with a request for a Zoning Verification letter.

 Zoning Verification Letters do not certify the conformance or non-conformance of existing structures. For this information, please contact the Planning and Development Division at (979) 849-4364 x-2108 to schedule a more in-depth preliminary plan review.

Zoning Verification Letters do not detail certificates of occupancy or violations on the property. To obtain this information, please visit the City Secretary’s Website and go to the Public Information link:

The Development Services Department allows a maximum 10 business day turnaround time for Zoning Verification Letters.

Subdivision Process        

Ordinance of Standards & Procedures

The Rezoning Process Flowchart outlines the standards and procedures applicable to the subdivision (platting) of land in Angleton. It establishes requirements for site design, streets, utilities, and drainage and procedures for dedicating land for streets, parkland, or other public purposes. You can view the 2023 schedule for Plat submittal deadlines here.

Plat Types

Depending on the type of subdivision of land being contemplated, the following subdivision plat options are available:

  • Abbreviated Plat
  • Amending Plat
  • Conceptual Plan
  • Final Plat
  • Large Acreage Plat
  • Preliminary Plat
  • Replat

Plat Submission

All plans, plats, and applications filed with the City of Angleton shall be submitted in accordance with the Platting Manual. Failure to submit any information or document required by this Platting Manual may result in an incomplete application and the denial of the application. The Plat Application contains the application forms, submittal requirements, and processes for each plat type.

Contact Us

For questions or to speak with staff, please contact the Development Services Department at or by calling (979) 848-5665.