Municipal Court


The Municipal Court of Record of the City of Angleton handles cases involving Class C misdemeanors. Generally, such cases are punishable by fine only. These include the commonly known traffic violations such as speeding and no insurance. However, they also include ordinance violations such as public intoxication, minors in possession of alcohol, and theft of property under $50. Cases initiated in court typically involve citations written by the Angleton police officer, animal control officers, and code enforcement officers.

Resolving Your Case

If you are interested in a non-conviction, please ask the court clerk about taking a Driver's Safety Course or Deferred. When you receive a citation, there are options to be considered to help you resolve your case. You must make an appearance in person or by mail within 10 days of the citation date, or you may pay the citation in full by mail or online.

Court Appearances

The first appearance in court is called a Pre-Hearing. At the Pre-Hearing, the court advises the defendants of their rights and the available options. The defendant may resolve the case at that time or request a trial. The presiding judge conducts Pre-Hearings on Wednesdays. Jury and Non-Jury Trials are set on one docket a month. Failure to Appear for a court setting can result in the filing of additional criminal charges, issuance of an arrest warrant, and the imposition of additional fees and costs. Warrants are handled by Angleton Police Officers assigned to the Warrant Division in the court. The court also participates in the Department of Public Safety Failure to Appear Program, whereby the driver's license of defendants in warrant status will not be renewed until the Angleton case is resolved.

Payment Information

If you pay without a signed agreement with the court for an alternative to a conviction - Your Payment Will Result In An Automatic Conviction. Payment to the court may be made online, at the lobby window during business hours and by mail. The court will accept cash, money orders, and credit cards (MasterCard or Visa with proper ID) at the lobby window. Checks will not be accepted. Any money orders sent through the mail should be sent by certified mailed, return receipt.   

Warrant Payments 

Partial payments will not be accepted through the mail or online without a prior signed Order by the Judge. Personal checks will not be accepted for payment.  Any payment of a warrant online will be considered to be a payment of fines and fees and will not be represented as a bond, nor will online payments be refunded if a bond was intended to be made. Bond payments will only be accepted in person at the jail or at the court during business hours. 

Request for Jail Time Served

Only jail time served after the citation was issued will be considered and reviewed. Request for jail time credit is not guaranteed and is subject to judge discretion. It does not guarantee case closure; please follow up your request by contacting the court. Please make a plea on your written request if you have not previously.