The Angleton Parks & Recreation Department has various projects staff manage throughout the year.  For a glimpse of departmental happenings on a monthly basis, please read our monthly Parks & Recreation Memo HERE.


Parks & Recreation ADA Transition Plan

Under Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the City of Angleton is required to complete a self-evaluation and transition plan for its programs, services, and facilities to identify barriers and improve accessibility.  On September 13, 2022, City Council adopted PROWAG Guidelines and phase one of the ADA Self Evaluation and Transition plan which included a review of City facilities and associated parking lots, parks and associated parking lots, signalized intersections, existing sidewalks and associated curb ramps, design and construction standards, documented public concerns, sponsored boards and commissions, programs, procedures, and policies. Staff will begin implementing ADA improvements this year.  For more information about the Park & Recreation ADA Transition Plan and annual improvements, contact Megan Mainer,

Final Plan; Appendix; PROWAG Guidelines


Masterson & Lakeside Park Sidewalk Connectivity

The Angleton Better Living Corporation (ABLC) approved funding to extend and connect the sidewalk at Masterson  and Lakeside Parks to address ADA accessibility issues, improve access to Angleton Park amenities, encourage transportation alternatives, and provide safe routes to schools.    For more information about the Masterson and Lakeside Park Sidewalk Connectivity project, contact Stewart Crouch,


Freedom Park Parking Lot Lighting

The City of Angleton Parks and Recreation Department has put its parkland dedication funds to good use by updating Freedom Park parking lot lights with more economical LED fixtures.  Improving lighting throughout our park system is a park and recreation strategic objective aimed to address park safety. For more information about the Freedom Park Parking Lot Lighting project, contact Stewart Crouch,

Pictures of Completed Work


Downing Tennis Courts Rehabilitation

Angleton Better Living Corporation, Angleton Independent School District, and Gulf Coast Tennis Association have partnered to rehabilitate the school district tennis courts near the Angleton Independent School District Administration Building on Downing Street.  Improvements will consists of U.S. Tennis Association (USTA) regulation courts, resurfacing, new poles, nets, backboards, and fencing.  For more information about the Downing Tennis Court Rehabilitation project, contact Megan Mainer,


Bates Park Soofa Sign

City Council budgeted for the City's second soofa sign to be located at Bates Park near the softball complex.  Soofa signs are solar powered communication displays that deliver important information to the community like event and program calendar, registration and rental information, tournament brackets, social media platforms and more! For more information about the Bates Park Soof Sign project, contact Megan Mainer,


Masterson Park Signage

The City of Angleton's Keep Angleton Beautiful Board budgeted to install a new park sign at Masterson Park.  This sign is one of several that will be installed over time and focuses primarily on a consistent and cohesive city gateway designations, including signage and landscaping, that guide motorists into the community.  Gateway, facility, park, and wayfinding signage help to promote the city’s economic growth, downtown revitalization, and population increase by improving public spaces, increasing visibility, and enhancing the public realm. For more information about the Masterson Park Signage project, contact Stewart Crouch,

Sign Rendering


Freedom Park Passive Area

Angleton Better Living Corporation approved funding for design and development of the northern 40-acre property that is in the process of being engineered for detention by a local developer and has agreed to hire Burditt Consultants for the project.  In the City Council approved Freedom Park Master Plan, the northern Freedom Park parcel is designated for passive recreation opportunities.  Passive recreation includes recreational activities that are commonly unorganized and noncompetitive, including, but not limited to, picnicking, bird watching, kite flying, bicycling, and walking.  Burditt Consultants have begun the design process and are scheduled to be complete with construction documents by August 2023.

Passive Area Conceptual Renderings; Passive Design Schedule