Residential Speed Safety Program

Residential Speed Safety Program

The Angleton Police Department is dedicated to keeping our citizens and neighborhoods safe in all respects.  Speeding, in and around residential areas, is a common concern and complaint among members of our community. The police department has acquired a Black Cat RADAR system to address speeding concerns.  This technology allows us to accurately collect comprehensive traffic data without having any sensors in the road.  The technology also produces a report and analysis of traffic conditions which empowers the department to better steward taxpayer dollars and resources.

To request that the Black Cat RADAR Recorder be deployed in an area of concern, complete the form below, and ELECTRONICALLY submit it by emailing it to  You can also print the form, complete it, and drop it off at the police department for processing.  


Current Requests

  1. Tinsley St. - COMPLETED
  2. N. Velasco St. - COMPLETED
  3. Kelly St. - COMPLETED
  4. Shannon St. - 
  5. 200 S. Walker St. -