Food Service Health Inspections


Inspection Program

The City of Angleton Health Inspection program's role is to carry out a city-wide program for food safety; to promote health and to prevent food-borne disease through education, training, and regulation. This system is designed to work in partnership with the people who make the day-to-day decisions that actually determine food safety - the owners, operators, and employees of all food service establishments.


A certified manager must be on duty at the food establishment at all times that food is being handled when three or more employees and/or operators are working. Each year, a food establishment will receive one or more unannounced routine inspections by Health Inspectors. Routine inspections address safe food handling practices and sanitation. As the inspector finds problems, deficiencies are recorded on the inspection report. He/she will explain the public health rationale and demonstrate the correct way to safely prepare food and protect it from contamination.

The number of inspections made each year is based on the risk factors of the establishment and the establishment's sanitation history. The more hazards identified at a food establishment, the more inspections it will receive. Health Inspectors provide at least two annual visits to all establishments.

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