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Application for Hotel and Motel Tax Funds

  1. Not to exceed $10,000 per event.
  2. Type of organization:
    Choose one.
  3. Event Related:
    An event is defined as an occurrence that will promote tourism and will meet the 2 part test for funding under Section 351 of the Tax Code.
  4. Have you received private financial sponsorship?
  5. List must be at least 75 miles away.
  6. Assurances
    The activities and services for which financial assistance is sought will be administered by or under the supervision of the applying organization. Any funds received as a result of this application will be used solely for the project described. The officials signing the application form and subsequent contract have been authorized by the applying organization to submit this application. The applicant shall retain a copy of the City of Angleton Hotel/Motel program guidelines and shall execute the grant by the rules and regulations stated therein. The applicant hereby agrees to indemnify the City of Angleton from any liability rising out of the disbursement and use of grants funds, including, but not limited to any cause of accidents or claims arising at projects made possible or partially possible by the funds. Applicant will provide proof of $1 million General Liability Insurance naming the City of Angleton as an additional insured. For any project / event serving alcoholic beverages, the applicant will provide proof of insurance with coverage amounts as follows, and listing the City of Angleton as additional insured. $1 million Liquor Liability Insurance Policy, naming City of Angleton as additional insured and a $1 million General Liability Insurance naming City of Angleton as additional insured.
  7. Application Certification
    I have carefully read and understand this application and I certify that the information given in this application, including attachments, is complete and accurate. I understand that the City of Angleton reserves the right to verify all information listed in the application. I understand that giving false or misleading information in the application will result in exclusion from consideration for HOT funding for the next 5 years.
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