City Attorney’s Office


The City Attorney is the legal advisor of, attorney and counsel for, the City and all officers and departments of the City of Angleton. The City Attorney represents the city governmental entity as a whole, not individual city officials or employees. The City Attorney is ethically obligated to represent and seek the best interests of the municipal organization, as directed by the duly-elected officials and appointed senior officials of the organization.


The City Attorney conducts all prosecution in the municipal court and appeals from such cases and has the authority to name a deputy to conduct the prosecutions in the municipal court if she sees fit. All cases handled in the municipal court are class "C" misdemeanors, which include traffic citations, penal code violations such as disorderly conduct, assault, theft, animal-related charges and violations of building codes or zoning ordinance.

Legal Advice

The City Attorney is very willing to discuss available alternative dispositions of citations or charges, but she can not give legal advice about what may be the best choice for the individual defendant.

The City Attorney does not provide legal services or legal advice to individual citizens for personal legal matters (such as divorce, child support, real estate, probate, etc.) The City Attorney can not refer you to or endorse any private practice attorney.

Issues With City Services

When appropriate, the City Attorney may facilitate discussions and refer a citizen to the city department that may be able to assist in addressing a citizen's issue with a city service or program.


The City Attorney's mission is to provide quality legal services, advice, and representation to the City Council, City Manager, and the other City Departments. This means she is involved in rendering oral and written legal opinions on issues affecting the City to the Mayor and City Council, City Manager, Department Heads, other city staff and boards and commissions, as requested. The City Attorney prepares or approves all proposed ordinances and resolutions, as well as all contracts and documents in which the city is a party or has an interest.