Board of Adjustment


  • Janie Schwartz
  • Danielle Graham
  • Marian Goff
  • Tim Charlson
  • Belinda Gaines
  • Ellen Eby - Alternate 1
  • Terry Roberts - Alternate 2


The board of adjustments shall consist of five regular members, who shall be appointed by a simple majority vote of the full city council, and shall operate in accordance with V.T.C.A., Local Government Code §§ 211.008—211.011, as amended. (2) The city council shall provide for the appointment of up to four alternate members to serve in the absence of one or more of the regular board members on an alternating basis such that all alternate members have equal opportunities to serve on the board.

The BOA powers include but not limited to hearing and determining appeals from refusal of building permits, and to permit an exception to or variations from the city zoning regulations.
The board of adjustment shall elect a chairperson and a vice-chairperson from among its membership,and each officer shall hold office for two years or until replaced by a simple majority vote of the full board.

The board of adjustments and appeals, created and appointed pursuant to the home rule Charter, section 7.04, zoning board of adjustment, and to the zoning ordinance, shall act and perform all duties and responsibilities of the housing board of adjustments and appeals.